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Love & Technology

stills from my short experimental film for Pink Noise vi

For Pink Noise vi the theme was “Fantasy Embodiment”. I wanted to explore unconditional love, and why it often feels difficult to experience, through a daydream where it is embodied and understood freely. Energetically and symbolically trying to tune into unconditional love while gazing into the empty eye of the camera was more difficult than I imagined it would be. I definitely came up against my own edges and guardedness while creating this piece.

Contemplating my own blocks and resistance, took me deeper into the idea of where, when, and how unconditional love is felt and expressed. Which made me recognize that perhaps our boundaries are supporting us just as vibrantly as the overt moments when love flowing. Because when we are willing to reckon with why we are not feeling loved externally, it forces us to look inward instead. By looking inward we recognize the innate interconnected truth of being that underlies all of our collective conscious experience.

Love from this perspective ignites a different kind of power.

The power of a self attuned sense of love and validation allows us to confidently look back outward into the world and recognize where basic kindness, understanding, and compassion is being blocked for us all.

How can we dismantle this and further reclaim our relationship to life, ourselves, and one another?

I believe we can look toward ancient traditions for clues, while being wise to not overly romanticize the past through a simultaneous respect for the fruits of contemporary life.

Connecting with ancestral healing has