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Dolphin Midwives Music Video 
Coming August 2021

Music Video: Dolphin Midwives

Dolphin Midwives (Official Music Video) 

Director: Devin Jane Febbroriello

Director of Photography: Adam Cornelius

Producer: Chelsea Unsbee

Editor: Devin Jane Febbroriello

Color grade: Adam Cornelius

Production Assistant: Mike Gamble

Production Design: Devin Jane Febbroriello

Label: Beacon Sound

Studio: Desert Island Studios

Production Company: Devin Jane Studio

Dolphin Midwives new music video for “Clearing” explores the layers of a transformative process through the element of water in a symbolic narrative that brings Sage from initiation, through clearing, and renewal.  Working within the theme of the song, the video poetically portrays a process of release from abuse, control, and disempowerment as a result of the confines of the Patriarchy in order to embody a regenerated sense of empowerment.

Music Video: Heather Woods Broderick

Heather Woods Broderick (Official Music Video) 

Director: Devin Febbroriello

Cinematography: Devin Febbroriello

Cinematography for Microscopic Footage, Cloud Tank, Ripple Machine, & : Tracy Maurice

Editor: Devin Febbroriello

HMU: Jessica Hafer

Gaffer: Joe Bowden

Production Design: Devin Febbroriello

Production Company: Serpent Power Productions

April 2019 Premiere on Gold Flake Paint & Stereogum

"I Try" was released as the second in a two part series of music videos made through a collaborative exchange of concept and footage shared between filmmakers Tracy Maurice and Devin Febbroriello. 

In the video for "I Try" we enter the waves and echoes of the dream landscape and follow Heather as she journeys through doorways and portals both within and without trying to make sense of the paradoxical nature of the realm she has entered. With a nod to the twists of a fairy tale and the revelations available to those brave enough to enter the rabbit hole the video was  conceived along the Oregon coast, in studio, and combined with analog special effects techniques and microscopic filmmaking atmospheres by Tracy Maurice.

"They Were Mine"
Corinne Sharlet Music Video 
Coming September 2021

Music Video: Corinne Sharlet

Corinne Sharlet (Official Music Video) 

Director: Devin Jane Febbroriello

Director of Photography: Edward Pack Davee

Producer: Ashley Mellinger

Producer: Corinne Sharlet

Gaffer: Joe Bowden

1st AC: Liz Moughon

AC & Grip: Holly Haney

Grip: Dee Juliano Scott

Editor: Dee Juliano Scott & Devin Jane Febbroriello

Color Grade; Adam Cornelius

Man in Black Hat: Mike Gamble

Production Design: Devin Jane Febbroriello

Label: Independent Release

Studio: Desert Island Studios

Production Company: Devin Jane Studio

The concept for They Were Mine was inspired by the sentiment of the song and serves as a symbolic look at what it feels like to take responsibility for our own shadows. We created a sort of Hitchcock, meets Twilight Zone, cinematic old Hollywood dream where our lead character takes us into a performative reality in which she ultimately confronts the entire spectrum of her being.   

Conceptualized By: Laura Veirs
Performed & Choreographed By: Story Lowe
Directed, Filmed, & Edited By: Devin Febbroriello
PA: Mike Gamble
Label: Spacebomb

Official Music Video: Laura Veirs
Story Lowe rises into the Lyra and floats through an ever changing celestial atmosphere, entering the journey of her heart, bolstering her strength.
Official Lyric Video: Pure Bathing Culture

Premiere February 2019

Performed By: Pure Bathing Culture
Director: Devin Febbroriello
Producer: Emma Browne

Production Designer & Editor: Devin Febbroriello

Cinematographer: Will Walle

Gaffer: Joe Bowden

Motion Graphics: Jamal Qutab

Label: Infinite Companion

Night Pass in the midnight garden where worlds exist within worlds and time is collapsible.
Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 8.31.54 PM
Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 8.44.08 PM
Official Music Video - Clawfoot Slumber
Performed by:
Erin Lacerra
Alex Callenberger
Kuhliene Ophelia
Kya Bliss
A rock and roll fever dream that explores how time and desire drive us to seek what we love even if the path is unclear and we never quite reach our destination.
Directed, Filmed & Edited by: Devin Febbroriello
short dance film
Performed by: 
Kat Mills
Jocelyn Edelstein
Filmed & edited by Devin Febbroriello
An exploration of our relationship to one another and the elements through wind powered movement. This was filmed as a meditation on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge. The winds were strong, and we made that the central theme of the piece.  Moving with and against the winds.
Pitchfork Allison 4
Pitchfork Allison 5
Pitchfork Allison
Pitchfork Allison 3
Allison Crutchfield Official Music Video
Performed by:
Allison Crutchfield
Marlee Grace
premiere October 2016 - Merge Records
Bored in a suburban town, Allison begins to have dreamy visions of a haunting presence that ultimately wakes her up to freedom & adventure.
Director: Lara Gallagher
Producer: Devin Febbroriello
Cinematographer: Will Walle
Editor: Alex Morris
Dolphin Midwives Music Video
Performed by:
Sage Fisher
Director: Sarah Turner
Cinematographer: Devin Febbroriello
Production Designer: Alexis Rittenhouse
Gaffer: Joseph Bowden
Editor + Analog Glitch Effects: Sarah Turner
PA & SFX: Dave Mosier
The internal and the external collide as Dolphin Midwives faces apparitions drawing her toward a complete immersion and dissolution of self.