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Walking through a house that used to be your home and feeling the past, present, and future versions of oneself all at once.  The poetic sense of nostalgia and all the secrets held within the walls of our childhood homes. 
Dream a river  
Official Music Video: Alela Diane
And Album Trailer 
Produced, Directed, & Edited By: Devin Jane Febbroriello
Director of Photography: Joe Bowden
Gaffer: Joseph Matos
1 AC: Kanon Havens
PA: Anthony Hou
PA: Mike Gamble
Label: Bella Union

Music Video: Dolphin Midwives

Dolphin Midwives (Official Music Video) 

Director: Devin Jane Febbroriello

Director of Photography: Adam Cornelius

Producer: Chelsea Unsbee

Editor: Devin Jane Febbroriello

Color grade: Adam Cornelius

Production Assistant: Mike Gamble

Production Design: Devin Jane Febbroriello

Label: Beacon Sound

Studio: Desert Island Studios

Production Company: Devin Jane Studio

Winner of the Best American Music Video at the Prague Music Video Awards, Dolphin Midwives new music video for “Clearing” explores the layers of a transformative process through the element of water in a symbolic narrative that brings Sage from initiation, through clearing, and renewal.  Working within the theme of the song, the video poetically portrays a process of release from abuse, control, and disempowerment as a result of the confines of the Patriarchy in order to embody a regenerated sense of empowerment.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Prague International Indie Film Festival - 2021.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Prague Music Video Awards - 2021.png