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Liminal Sessions are a personalized combination of dreamwork, energy work, intuitive reflections, conversation, and tea. The sessions are in person and last for 2 hours with some prep work prior to arrival. You will be laying down and are asked to dress comfortably.  

$125 per session (sliding scale available - please inquire)


For these sessions I draw on my18 years of experience practicing meditation, lucid dreaming, energy balancing, and in depth study of a variety of healing modalities as well as my own embodied experience of finding health and vibrancy after complex PTSD and a chronic health condition. I firmly believe that centered luminous wellbeing is accessible to all, and my session work is designed to help discover your blocks and allies, as well as reset and replenish your nervous system and emotional body.  My work is not a replacement for certified mental health and wellness professionals.  As a helpful addition to your healing journey, a session with me may include practical recommendations and referrals for additional support for your wellbeing.

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