Media tools & workflow strategy for entrepreneurs and artists.


Join me for a personalized consultation and feedback session that will help determine how to best clarify and establish your goals and workflows for optimizing your ability to create, distribute, market, and earn revenue from your media.  

1 Hour Initial Consultation  - $75.00

Development and Delivery of Personal Media Planning Document - $150

Follow up sessions will be determined based on your needs outlined in the PMP. The PMP can stand alone, or extend into additional services if desired.


Media content production and distribution is essential for the advancement of almost every form of work and communication in contemporary society.  But most individuals and businesses do not have the budget to hire a creative agency or marketing firm.  They are often left to try and learn how to do it all themselves, which can be overwhelming and confusing. I wanted to find a way to distill big budget media production workflows into a practical support system for people who fall into this category.