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Acrylic on stretched black canvas. Sides and back are also black.


The painting is signed & dated on the back and finished with a matte varnish for protection.


This work is also available as limited edition prints (Coming Soon)


Delivery for Portland Oregon local purchase.


Note: Colors in the painting may vary due to different computer monitors. I try my best to create accurate digital replications of the original paintings color profile, but slight variations in perceived hues are possible.


Please see my return policy before making a purchase. 


Any further questions can be directed to


Made in Portland Oregon - USA


New works are listed monthly.


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"All She Ever Was, Is, Or Will Be" - Original Acrylic Painting - 20" x 16"

Excluding Sales Tax
  • In my portraits of womxn engaged in their inner world / energy, I am trying to re-create a visual representation of what it feels like to be completely in tune, at home, safe, and comfortable in the body, mind, and experience of life. Feeling this way and exploring how, when, and where we move in and out of states of vibrancy and belonging while investigating the histories, stories, and beliefs that influence our sense of self in both positive and negative ways to produce works of beauty and/or well articulated grief is the primary goal of much of what I hope to create with these paintings. My highest hope is that we will all consistently touch the sweetness of experiencing our inherent vibrancy, beauty, power, humor, and joy no matter how many reasons we have to also grieve. Perhaps, the real work is finding our way home to ourselves and one another in direct reaction to all the reasons we are being told we can’t or shouldn’t.

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