music video for Heather Woods Broderick

I TRY - Music Video

Heather Woods Broderick (Official Music Video) 

Director: Devin Febbroriello

Cinematography: Devin Febbroriello

Cinematography for Microscopic Footage, Cloud Tank, Ripple Machine, & : Tracy Maurice

Editor: Devin Febbroriello

HMU: Jessica Hafer

Gaffer: Joe Bowden

Production Design: Devin Febbroriello

Production Company: Serpent Power Productions

4/17/2019 Premiere on Gold Flake Paint & Stereogum

"I Try" was released as the second in a two part series of music videos made through a collaborative exchange of concept and footage shared between filmmakers Tracy Maurice and Devin Febbroriello. 

In the video for "I Try" we enter the waves and echoes of the dream landscape and follow Heather as she journeys through doorways and portals both within and without trying to make sense of the paradoxical nature of the realm she has entered. With a nod to the twists of a fairy tale and the revelations available to those brave enough to enter the rabbit hole the video was  conceived along the Oregon coast, in studio, and combined with analog special effects techniques and microscopic filmmaking atmospheres by Tracy Maurice.


ETHER - short dance film
Choreographed & Performed by Kat Mills & Jocelyn Edelstein
Filmed & edited by Devin Febbroriello
"Ether" is an intuitive dance film collaboration by Jocelyn Edelstein, Kat Mills, and Devin Febbroriello.  The piece was conceptualized through a mix of elemental contemplation, planned choreography, and real time concept abandonment/experimentation. Shot on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge, the unexpected force of the winds became both a unique challenge and the primary compass guiding the mood and narrative of the piece. We listened to the winds, and moved with what they had to say.


short film

Cheryl : Alissa Jessup

The Voider: John Paulsen

Kara : Ashley Mellinger

Allen: Sean Bowie

Written / Directed by: Devin Febbroriello

Produced By: Sarge Sargis, Ashley Mellinger & Devin Febbroriello

Director of Photography: Will Walle

Editor: Ryan Douglass

Color: Adam Cornelius

Gaffer: Joe Bowden

Costume Design- Eirinn Gragson

Music Composition: Michael Gamble & Alex Callenberger

Special Effects: Dan Kim

Special Effects Make Up- Erin Lyon

Production Design: Devin Febbroriello

Art Director: Ariel Weiser

1st AC: Sika Stanton

2nd AC: Dee Juliano Scott

Production Coordinator: Melina Coumas

Grip: Liz Haan

Projections & Graphics: Mark White

A stepmother so disturbed by her step daughters ability to destroy her picture perfect holiday that she hires a dastardly toy maker to help put an end to her misery. Official short in Glass Eye Pix Creepy Christmas Film Festival 2018

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