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Devin JANE Febbroriello is a film director / screenwriter, producer, and multidisciplinary artist that specializes in the creation of thought provoking stories, memorable visuals + illuminating experiences. 

Her work is informed by a deep-seated interest in bridging liminal imagination and traditional forms of storytelling to repurpose archetypal modes of expression, and explore the belief systems, mythologies, and images that shape our culture and relationships.  Read Her Artistic Statement

Devin has created award winning films that have screened at Pitchfork, Filmfort, Bend Film Festival, Prague International Indie Film Festival, Local Sightings, POW Film Fest, Stereogum and more. She is a vetted director listed on FREE THE WORK, and a RACC Project Grant / Innovation Prize recipient 2020, as well as a Lucas Artist Fellowship Collaborator 2017-2020. She is a senior writer for Story Terrace  producing short pressings of personalized novels worldwide. Her pilot script for episodic series "Blood is Thicker Than Water" was a semi finalist for Screencraft TV Pilot Script Competition 2020, and a Sundance Episodic Labs finalist 2019.  She will be receiving her MFA in screenwriting through the David Lynch School of Cinematic Arts at Maharishi University in 2023. 

As a film graduate of Emerson College (2004) and specialized cinema studies at FAMU (Czech Republic) she’s worked on feature films (Glass Eye Pix), network television (NBC, HGTV, MTV, SPIKE), short films and music videos in New York City and Portland Oregon for the last 17 years. In 2012 Devin began to directly serve clients, brands, & nonprofits as an executive producer and lead creative (Whole Foods, Firefox, Chef One, Modern Macrame, PSU, OSU).  From 2018 - 2021 Devin was on staff as the Director of Originals at Open Signal, an equity focused media production studio. At Open Signal she supported the organizations evolution from a traditional public access station to a multi faceted media arts center. During her time at Open Signal she engaged in producing Original content, building community centered on impacting change within the media industry, and supporting talent incubation, and creative leadership opportunities for BIPOC, LGBTQ2SIA+, and WOMXN storytellers.  In 2021 Devin developed and helped launch a production company within Desert Island Studios. She currently works as a EP and Creative on the Desert Island Studios team. 

In addition, Devin is a devoted lifelong student + practitioner of  lucid dreamwork, mysticism, and meditation.  Her visual art work has exhibited in multiple group shows + galleries nationally and internationally. She hosts workshops, writes zines / essays, and performs music all in reverence of well expressed praise and grief for the experience of being.  


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